We've been breeding "Toys" for 20 years, specializing in Toy Poodles, Tiny
Toy Poodles, and T-Cup Toy Poodles,

Our puppies are bred with love and raised under foot, and are socialized
from an early age.  We give individual attention to each puppy, and make
sure they understand and experience human love.  

Good health is our number one goal.  A healthy puppy develops well
physically and mentally and with this development blooms a unique
personality, making each puppy a "single" individual......just waiting for that
special family and home.

We are truly a small kennel, sometimes having only one or two litters to
choose from.  This insures our ability to give "one on one" attention to each
and every puppy.
It also insures our enjoyment in sharing the lives of all our dogs and

Please enjoy our site and come back again.  

Small Wonders raises healthy & intelligent puppies!